Truewerk makes performance workwear for industrial athletes. Designed specifically to meet the technical demands of modern professional tradespeople, Truewerk cuts out the middlemen and sells direct-to-consumer. We collaborated with Truewerk's marketing team to refresh their brand strategy and identity.

Strategy    Visual Identity
Strategy    Visual Identity
Strategy    Visual Identity
Strategy    Visual Identity
Strategy    Visual Identity
Brand Strategy

As Truewerk prepared for pivotal initiatives—such as raising funds and a new website—they needed to evaluate and fine-tune their brand narrative and identity. We performed a thorough audit of Truewerk's brand, restructured their brand framework to be better defined and well organized and laid groundwork for further improvements on narrative and visual identity.

Core Brand Idea

Performance Workwear for Industrial Athletes

During the brand strategy phase, we created a thorough map of Truewerk's competitive landscape. We were able to identify a market gap and establish a target for future positioning.

Visual Identity

Truewerk's structural logotype mark was a good fit for the market and had built up appreciable brand recognition. Nonetheless, the design itself had technical issues that made the wordmark feel unpolished and introduced inconsistency when the logo was printed and embroidered on the product. We redrew the custom wordmark to solve these issues while preserving the integrety of the original mark. Our final touch was opening the closing "k" to add a unique visual accent while bringing balance to complement the open "T".

Brand Guidelines

Truewerk's original brand palette was dominated by dark colorways. Our refreshed color selection left the primary black untouched while bringing in some warmer complementary neutrals. We also fashioned a system of very bright colors reminiscent of reflective stitching and material common on professional workwear to serve Truewerk's Thin Bright Line brand initiative. The closing step of the project was to collect our work into a brand guidelines document for Truewerk's marketing and web teams to use for the site redesign and beyond.

What We Did

Brand Strategy
Visual Identity

ID Kit
Brand Guidelines


Yannick Nelson
Brad Todd

Anna Ristvey
Photos Courtesy of Truewerk



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